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Cost Allocation and Rate Development (CARD) Consulting Services are now available to help you successfully navigate complex indirect cost compliance requirements for your institution’s infrastructure.  A newly established program of the San Jose State University Research Foundation, CARD provides expert and affordable consulting services to calculate rates for Facilities and Administration (F&A) and fringe benefits, as well as recharge centers and other areas of cost.

CARD Consulting Services is headed by Executive Director Louis Guin, Ph.D., leveraging his 30 years of industry experience in the preparation of indirect cost proposals and the negotiation of federal rates for universities, medical centers and other research institutions. His specialized knowledge of best practices in meeting federal compliance guidelines (OMB Circular A-21; A-110, Cost Accounting Standards, DS-2, A-133), plus agency terms and conditions, will help you: 

  • Select indirect cost methodologies optimal for your organization.
  • Ensure compliance with changing state & federal regulations.
  • Clearly identify your true infrastructure costs.
  • Maximize your institution’s cost recovery.

Calculating indirect costs can be a complex, burdensome activity. CARD Consulting Services makes it easier by conducting rigorous analyses and modeling your cost recovery options. The results provide an important strategic management tool to support your research enterprise.

F&A Cost Proposal Services

  • Determine which functions qualify as direct versus indirect costs
  • Conduct space functional use surveys, utilizing the methods and definitions established by the federal government
  • Establish on- and off-site rates to accurately allocate facility costs
  • Differentiate lower cost, off-site activities
  • Review cost allocation methods and prepare cost allocation plans
  • Identify optimal methodologies to maximize F&A recovery
  • Document F&A cost rates, long and short-form
  • Prepare disclosure statements and reviews
  • Negotiate F&A cost rates with federal agencies, including DHHS and ONR

Core Facilities/Recharge Center Services

  • Calculate billing rates for specialized service facilities such as animal research facilities, service centers, and ship rates
  • Develop, implement and review charging methodologies that comply with federal policies
  • Optimize recharge rate structures
  • Establish equitable cost allocation processes for operating costs

Fringe Benefit Rate Services

  • Maximize fringe benefit cost recovery by identifying optimal methodologies
  • Perform fringe benefit rate calculations

Internal Training and Workshops

  • Advise administrators, faculty and staff on various cost and rate development topics
  • Provide guidance on cost and space data collection
  • Make recommendations for meeting compliance and regulatory requirements
  • Provide training on other related topics as requested

With the right indirect rate structures, your organization can:

  • Understand the true cost of doing business, resulting in more meaningful management decisions.
  • Maximize reimbursements from government and other agencies for allowable indirect costs.
  • Recover the full cost of services when developing recharge activities.

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Louis Guin, Ph.D. Bio
Executive Director
CARD Consulting Services
(408) 924-1442