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Pay Period and Paydays

Employees are paid twice a month for work performed the preceding pay period. Work performed from the first through the 15th is paid on the 26th of the month and work performed from the 16th of the month through the end of the month is paid on the 10th of the following month. Dates may be adjusted if the pay date falls on a weekend or holiday. Please check the payroll calendar.


  2014 Payroll Calendar PDF

  2013 Payroll Calendar PDF

  2013-2014 Academic Calendar PDF

  2012-2013 Academic Calendar PDF

  2011-2012 Academic Calendar PDF

  2010-2011 Academic Calendar PDF

For information about the revised timesheet and instructions on how to fill it out, click here




Holidays are given for the purpose of allowing employees paid time off for special occasions. There are normally 12 such holidays per year. The exact schedule is announced at the beginning of each calendar year. In addition to the named holidays on the calendar, 2-3 additional days per year are announced, usually in connection with the Christmas and/or New Year's holidays.

 Holiday Schedule
  2013 Schedule PDF


  FY 12-13 FB Rate PDF


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