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Self-Supported Programs
A broad range of education-related activities that are non-state-funded are directed by SJSU faculty or senior Foundation managers, and are underwritten by private donations, fees, or by the SJSU Foundation itself. These self-supported programs, formerly referred to as "campus programs," are discretionary in nature, enhance SJSU's educational mission, and enrich the University's learning environment.
Though self-supported projects are discretionary in their objectives, they are still subject to applicable federal and state laws, as well as Foundation policies, in their execution (e.g. laws and policies for hiring of project staff.)

Types of Self-Supported Activities Include:

  • Faculty-hosted seminars, conferences, and workshops
  • Faculty development specialized training (non-academic credit)
  • Construction and renovation projects
  • Innovative community partnerships, including business incubators
  • Special events

For more information contact Jeanne Dittman at (408) 924-1434, or email at


  Self-Supported Projects Fee Effective January 1, 2009


Establish Self-Supported Projects

Determining Your Project's Fund Source and Objectives
Funds for self-supported projects can be generated from a number of sources including fees, and the SJSU Foundation itself. For more information on how to determine your project's fund source, see the Project Administration Guide.

Initiating Your Project or Activity
Regardless of the source of funds, agreements must be made with your funding source to ensure that the funds are spent in such a way that they meet the donor's needs and wishes. For more information on establishing Memoranda of Understanding (MOUs), fiscal sponsorships, and other self-supported activity agreements, as well as information on opening your self-supported activity account, see the Project Administration Guide.


  Partial List of Self-Supported Projects


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